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KAR KAR – a synonym for delicious ice cream made with love. A true fun-lover’s delight since 1997 and one of the first Lithuanian ice creams to be made in the true plombir tradition. For more then 20 years Ice cream brand name was Baltoji varnelė, but in 2022 we decided to rename the brand in to KAR KAR with only few visual changes to started exporting this brand in to the world. Unforgettable taste, natural composition, unique shapes and a variety of flavors are the core values.

SC „Klaipėdos pienas“ – is a company with a long tradition of work. Since 1950, ice cream has played an important role in its wide range of dairy products. Since 1997, the company has been specialising in the production of ice cream.

Since the year 2000, an effective quality management system based on HACCP principles has been implemented.

Since 2011 the company complies with the BRC global food safety standards and the HALAL rules for Islamic food requirements.

Harnessing of the energy generated by a solar power plant to produce ice cream

As energy demand grows around the world, traditional ways of sourcing energy are disappearing and harming the environment. The development of renewable energy sources (RES) is an attractive alternative to traditional energy.

In order to implement the development of renewable energy sources (RES), the Joint Stock Company Klaipėdos pienas has decided to apply under the call for proposals under the 05-001-01-04-02 „Encouraging enterprises to move towards a climate-neutral economy” for the activity „Promoting the deployment of renewable energy sources in industrial enterprises (Central and Western Lithuania)” for co-funding of an investment in a solar power plant. The installation of RES will reduce electricity costs and greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide, methane) and other air pollutant emissions, thus improving the living environment of the surrounding population. This project will not only reduce costs, but will also make us a company that contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Project name: Installation of a solar power plant at Klaipėdos pienas AB. Project financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project promoter: joint stock company „Klaipėdos pienas”.

Project purpose: Increasing energy efficiency and the production and use of renewable energy sources.

Project activities:  Klaipėdos pienas AB will install energy efficiency measures and aim for a total renewable energy production of 484,776 MWh/year.

Project value: EUR 389.130,97.

Grant awarded: EUR 159.617,35.

Project start date: July 19, 2023.

Expected end of project implementation: July 31, 2025.

The project is implemented without partners.

Ice Cream

KAR KAR x EGYBOY WHAT THE DUCK? Banana ice cream with cocoa coating, 80 ml


Pink bubble gum ice cream with white and blue marbled chocolate, 80 ml


Red berry fruit ice cream enriched with caffeine, 80 ml


Creamy mango ice cream with yuzu fruit flavour glaze, 80 ml

KAR KAR Popcorn Caramel flavoured premium ice cream in a sugar waffle cone with cocoa coating and salty biscuit pieces, 150 ml

KAR KAR Peanut Caramel flavoured premium ice cream in a sugar waffle cone with cocoa coating and crispy salted peanuts, 150 ml

KAR KAR Mr. Bunny Premium vanilla ice cream with cocoa coating, 80 ml

KAR KAR Crazy Crow Mango – apple fruit ice, 80 ml

KAR KAR Flying Piglet Vanilla premium – bubble gum ice cream, 90 ml

Junga Refreshing blueberry-lemon flavoured ice, 75 ml

Vanilla premium ice cream Made with natural milk from happy cows, fresh cream and natural vanilla. A real source of protein and calcium, 130 ml

Chocolate premium ice cream with chocolate filling. Classic chocolate ice cream made with natural milk and fresh cream, enriched with real Belgian chocolate, 130 ml

Kiwi premium ice cream Natural milk and fresh cream flavoured with real exotic kiwi, 130 ml

Popcorn Caramel Premium ice cream with rich caramel and caramelised popcorn, 950 ml

Vanilla Bubble Gum Premium vanilla – fruity bubblegum flavoured ice cream with marshmallows, 950 ml

Cookie Caramel Premium vanilla ice cream with caramel and cocoa biscuits, 950 ml


Klaipėdos pienas, AB

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+370 (46) 397 820

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